Yelp Complains That Its Being Outranked By Google+ Local Listings

Yelp Complains That Its Being Outranked By Google+ Local Listings

TechCrunch broke the news today that a  Yelp internal document was recently leaked online claiming Google is promoting its own content at the expense of

Yelp Reviews Stick On Google Here Is How You Push Them Down And Prospect On Yelp!

Help Potential Local Prospects With Yelp Issues And More

Local SEO Tips For Yelp Business

Today’s video we cover local SEO tips for Yelp Business including Yelp ranking factors to help you rank higher for your local business marketing account on Yelp.

So I will cover some of the ranking factors that I have found through local SEO optimization on the Yelp platform.

What you learn today in this video:

You will learn how to get reviews to stick along with how to optimize your listing on Yelp to help you show up 1st. This will include how to write your descriptions and how to optimize your local SEO on Yelp to show up higher by choosing the correct categories.

I will also share some of the ranking factors to rank higher including photos and videos and also tips that you might have looked over. Including having your reviews include your name , have your reviews on Yelp include the services you provide and much more.

Yelp is gibing you all ranking factors to rank a lot higher in the app , but somethings might not be as noticeable as offering a discount or responding to inquires in a fast manner.

There is a lot inside of today’s SEO video for business marketing on Yelp to much to list so thank you for watching and if you have any questions about local SEO or local optimization , Yelp or Yelp reviews please feel free to ask in the comments below I am always happy to help.
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If You Run Yelp Ads Fix This Right Now!!



After running Yelp ads for a couple months I had no idea that my keywords were changing every time the Business Category was changing.

If this video I go over how to check what keywords your are bidding on and how to block the ones that you don’t want to bid on anymore.

How To Remove A Yelp or Google Business Review

Getting a negative review on Yelp and Google is bound to happen if you own a business. You can’t satisfy everyone and some people just like to complain. Here’s how to flag those reviews to possibly get them removed. It’s never 100% that the review will get removed but it’s always better to try than to just leave them. If Yelp or Google doesn’t remove the review make sure you respond to the negative review.

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