The June 25 Google Update: What You Should Do Now

The June 25 Google Update: What You Should Do Now

Were your rankings impacted by the June 25 Google algorithm update? If so, here are some steps you can take to protect your website from future updates.

November Google Analytics Developer Update

Tune in to join Google Analytics Developer Advocate Pete Frisella give an overview of all the recents changes and new features available to Google Analytics developers. He’ll cover version 2 of the Dimensions and Metrics tool, changes in the Core Reporting API, and more. [Show more for contents and resources.]

0:36 Dimensions and Metrics v2
3:17 Query Explorer
5:22 Sampling Level in Core Reporting API
10:34 Relative dates
13:10 New data in the Core Reporting API

Core Reporting API reference: http://goo.gl/tMcQks
Dimensions and Metrics Explorer: http://goo.gl/wg0rHh
Query Explorer: http://goo.gl/mfRUKV

Most Dangerous Trees You Should NEVER Touch

Coming up are the most dangerous trees you should never touch!
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Best and Worst: Zodiac Signs

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