How Does Google Search Use Synonyms?

How Does Google Search Use Synonyms?

How does Google Search use synonyms? Is it all automated, or humans help Google understand which words are related? Here's the answer.

Is Google Search Getting Less Accurate?

Clip from Lew Later (Did Google Just End Facebook?) –

12 Cool Google Search Tricks You Should Be Using!

These are 12 useful Google search tips and tricks that you should be using. Many of these cool Google search tips will help you to get better search results and be more efficient. When searching the internet, you must try some of these Google search tips. You might be surprised that some of these cool Google search tricks are so useful. Let me know, if you have a useful Google tip or trick not mentioned.

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Managing Synonyms Smartly

71% of E-Commerce businesses only show the right products when customers search for the exact word used in the webshops own jargon.

Stop being part of this statistic by working smartly with synonyms based on what visitors actually do on your webshop, through the power of

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Credits to Baymard Institute for this insightful article:

Clerks Search tool &

In this video:
0:00 – Intro
0:40 – So. Many. Words. – Why synonyms matter for E-Commerce
1:35 – Start with understanding how customers search
2:46 – Fix searches with Clerk Synonyms
3:33 – Add synonyms to your catalogue for SEO
3:58 – Summary

How Google Search Works (in 5 minutes)

A short video about how Google Search works, including how Google’s software indexes the web, ranks sites, flags spam, and serves up results. There’s also a part about a lasagna festival.
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