Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm to Have Greater Impact than Panda or Penguin

Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm to Have Greater Impact than Panda or Penguin

As Mobilegeddon approaches this Tuesday, April 21st, it’s important to remind everyone about the enormity of this update. Consider how many websites were

Digital News: Panda, Penguin & Mobile Friendly Labels!

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It’s been a while since the last Twist digital news update and a lot has happened, but the most major changes have been that of the September Panda update followed by the October penguin update.
If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, Panda and Penguin are the names Google give to their algorithm updates, simply, the criteria they use to rank websites in their search results.
If you’ve been writing high quality content and earning some natural links to that content, you’ll probably be unaffected by these updates. Panda penalized low quality content so if you’ve been stuffing your articles full of keywords and not thinking about the readability then this is why you were penalized. The same for duplicate content, but if you’re a serious marketer you should be very aware about the repercussions of duplicating content. If you’re new to this, Google wants to rank unique variety in their search results, not six websites offering the same information so having unique content is really important.
If you’ve been using Black hat SEO techniques then that’s where Penguin steps in and penalizes websites that are violating linking guidelines.
If you’ve got lots of links from websites that are not related to yours, then this could be one of the problems. Excessive linking is also a sign you’ve been using black hat techniques, as is having lots of links coming from the same domain.
So to recover from a penguin hit, get rid of any links you’ve paid for, any links that are de-valuing your website, such as foreign links. To recover from Panda check the quality of your content and get rid of any low quality, dupe content.
In more recent news Mozilla has ended their relationship with Google and this means Google is no longer the default search engine in the Firefox browser. How does this affect you? Well it could mean that you see more traffic starting to come from Bing and that now is a good time to start paying Bing a little bit more attention. You could try out Bing ads for example which is Bing’s version of Google Adwords.
Last month Google added a ‘mobile friendly’ label in the search results beside all websites that meet the criteria for being just that, mobile friendly.
So now when users are searching for something on their mobile, they know exactly which websites are going to be easy to read and browse through and exactly which websites they are going to have to zoom in and out of, which could be potentially difficult to read and navigate.
This is just another very important reason to have a responsive mobile!

That concludes this week’s Digital news updates and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with some more news and some 2015 predictions!
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Q-vantage SEO Team have published latest presentation on “Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm”. Importance of Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithm update for Google search engine. Panda is about making sure that sites publishing low-quality content don’t rank well in Google whereas Penguin is about devaluing sites that have built unnatural links to gain an advantage and inflate their position in Google. Hummingbird is about favoring websites that deliver answers to actual user questions.

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