Google “Phantom” Update Rolling Out Targeting Informational, ‘How-To’ Content

Google “Phantom” Update Rolling Out Targeting Informational, ‘How-To’ Content

NBC reports that an undisclosed, “phantom” algorithm update is rolling out in Google search right now which is primarily impacting publishers of “how-to”

“Phantom V” Google Update | Chris Philpot | RocketMill

Chris discusses the latest Google update and reveals RocketMill’s initial findings after the update.

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Marketing Scoop 2.2 [SEO] What Does Google Killing Google+ Mean to You as a Marketer?

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This episode of Marketing Scoop is an SEO special where we’ll be looking at the latest digital marketing news as well as drilling down into specific, actionable organic search strategies. Joining our hosts David Bain & Judith Lewis and SEO experts: Jonny Ross, Arsen Rabinovich.

In this episode, we’re focusing on one key topic – Google killing Google+

Covering topics such as:

Did Google+ really deserve to die?
What Google+ get wrong?
Why it is closing down?
What impact will closing it down have on marketers?
What social sources will Google be using instead now?
Do Google need to be using social sources?
What should marketers be doing with social media now to positively impact their SEO efforts?

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Google+ Update: New “Ignore” Option, and “Block” Explained

Starting today, we’re rolling out a new option to Ignore people on Google+, in addition to the existing (and stronger) option to Block them.