Google Completes Migration of Disavow Tool to Search Console

Google Completes Migration of Disavow Tool to Search Console

Google announced completion of Disavow Tool migration to the new Search Console. Industry response is tepid, asks about indexing tool.

How to Disavow Links in Google Search Console (Caution: Advanced Topic) Part 1

How to disavow links in Google Search Console video tutorial explains how to identify a spam backlinks for disavowing using Google Webmaster Tools Disavow Tool

There could be many reasons why your domain has spammy backlinks pointing back to it. That is why Google has made available the Disavow Tool, giving website owners the option to clean their backlink profiles.

First rule: if you do not have lots of backlink and you didn’t get Manual Action Notice, then, do NOT use this tool.

Second Rule: unfortunately you have to start approaching the website owner who has given you the backlink and get them to remove that spam backlink (being polite goes a long way). Also, for future reference, keep records of your interaction (email copies, time of contact, replies). This is just in case Google sends you Manual Action Notice, or removes your site from its index due to unnatural links. In that case you will have to start the reconsideration request:

These URL’s are must to visit Google Search Console help section:
If your site is hacked: visit:

Also share this How to Clean and Disavow Spam Links in Google Webmaster Tools video so that other website owners who need to clean their backlink profiles can learn from it:

Understand Google’s Guidelines:

This How to Disavow Links video is a two part video and the second part can be seen here:

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How To Remove Bulk Backlinks & Malware Links From Google Search Console

If your website got the malware or any virus through any plugin or code you’ve just added. When any site got malware/virus most of the time they attack the site with a search engine as well so they can get redirect and search visitors to their clients. Now if you want to remove the backlinks or any malware URL’s from the Google Search Console in bulk then this is the best solution ever which you can get it easily. In this video, I’ll explain how to download complete URL’s from the Google Search Console and use excel file to filter them into good and bad category. You will have the complete instructions that which links you want to remove and filter them all automatically with one click.



# Two pages to disavow

# One domain to disavow

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How to Disavow Links using SEMrush, and Google Disavow Links Tool?

“SEMrush PRO FREE Trial link is provided below.”

Google discourages webmasters from using the Disavow tool because their algorithm checks end-to-end about a particular domain and rank your website accordingly even though you have toxic links.

Too many questions in mind? like:
What is disavow links?
When to disavow links?
How to disavow backlinks?
How to disavow bad links?
How to disavow backlinks in google?
How to disavow links in google?

Read the detailed step by step article
and also check the video to know more in detail.

Unless the links are very harmful and even after reaching the webmasters who are linking to your site cannot take out your links from their website, use this Google Disavow tool on an exceptional basis.

It is not good to use this tool quote often because Google will scan each and every domain and URL submitted via this tool and take at least one week or two to disavow links from the sites submitted.

It’s always a good practice to reach webmasters for link removal before you use this tool.

When to Disavow Links pointing to your website?
This is what Google Says: “You should disavow backlinks only if: You have a considerable number of spammy, artificial, or low-quality links pointing to your site, AND. The links have caused a manual action, or likely will cause a manual action, on your site.”

Unless you use tools like SEMrush, it is hard to figure out which link is toxic or good. Here is our SEMrush PRO FREE Trial:

Google Disavow Tool:

For more such useful tips, visit us at

Last but not least, the voice-over in this video is generated using Amazon Polly.

How to Disavow Backlinks using Google Search Console & Semrush 2023

A How to tutorial showing step by step process to disavow backlinks using Semrush & Google Disavow Tool in 2023