Gary Illyes on How to Get Ready for Google’s Mobile-First Index

Gary Illyes on How to Get Ready for Google's Mobile-First Index

Google's Gary Illyes shares insights on how to prepare for Google’s move to a mobile-first index and how to make sure your mobile website will rank well.

Google Mobile First Index Hints, Google Posts Live, Google Job Search & The SEO Movie – This week in search, we got a bunch more information around the Google mobile first index. Google said if you are planning on moving to an m-dot domain to responsive, do it before the mobile first release. Google isn’t going to release the mobile first index on one specific day. Google Posts are now available for all Google My Business customers. Google released structured data for job search. Google joked they may be messing with the algorithm tracking tools. Google to make your mobile and desktop pages equivalent. Google said moving a site that was hurt by Panda won’t help you. Google said content stitching or quality is not near duplicate content. Google may skip URLs that repeat the same path many times. Google said they do love breadcrumbs trails. Google said checkmarks in titles is spammy. Google said site moves can take 3 months. Google said be careful with the parameter handling tool. If you use the Google Search Console API then make sure to refresh the last day of data. You can now trigger a suggested video clip in Google. Google’s Gary Illyes doesn’t have manual action access. Google launched they local highlight icons and hotel pricing labels. Google has a new fun fidget spinner easter egg. The SEO movie is out, check it out. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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Google Delays Its Mobile-First Index

Google has delayed the launch of its mobile-first index, saying that it will now not launch until 2018.

At the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle, Google webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes said that its launch was likely to be “many quarters away”.

Originally, Google had created a timeline which placed the launch of the mobile-first index during the final few months of 2017.

Illyes described the upcoming mobile-first index as a “big change”, although he was keen to emphasise that the company had developed it so that its initial impact on non-mobile-friendly sites would be minimal.

Illyes advised webmasters not to “freak out”, saying that Google was currently communicating with many publishers around the world to ensure that they are not surprised by the upcoming change.

He was also keen to stress that Google’s mobile-first index will not exclude desktop content. It will simply search for and rank mobile-friendly content more preferentially.

Q&A with Gary Illyes from Google

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